Chelsea player training with other club – Deal close to being announced

Although Atlético Mineiro and Chelsea are still to form their deal for Nathan official, it seems the Brazilian club are pretty confident that the negotiations are going to be successful.

Following the top of his loan spell at the top of the year, the midfielder had left Galo and was expecting the clubs to seek out an answer .

Now consistent with Super Esportes, the player is back training with Atlético Mineiro, making it clear that his return to the team is extremely close.

They say Nathan are going to be loaned bent Atlético until the summer, and therefore the Brazilian side will have an choice to buy him at the top of the spell.

Since his contract with Chelsea expires in June, it’s very likely he’ll be signing a replacement affect the Stamford Bridge club before he leaves on loan.

Signed by the Blues back in 2015, Nathan has never had the prospect to form one appearance for the club.


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